Aikido and Self Defence Torquay

Junior Class [7pm]

This is a martial arts class for children aged 5-14. Students are taught techniques from Aikido, Judo, Jujitsu and Karate. The emphasis is on teaching students self discipline, self confidence, self control and having fun. The class environment is safe, enjoyable and inclusive.

Adult Self Defence Class [8.15pm]

This is a practical self defense system (Atemi Jutsu). Combining techniques from several martial arts (karate, judo, jujitsu and aikido), Atemi Jutsu trains how to maximise survival chances in street attacks, rape, muggings, weapon attacks and other reality based situations. Students are taught blocks, strikes, throws and controls. Strikes are targeted to vital parts of an attackers body. Students are also taught tactical awareness and how to react when there are multiple attackers. Students are also taught the legal limits of self defence is different situations. Techniques are tested against uncooperative and resistant partners to check their effectiveness in training situations.

Adult Aikido Class [9pm]

Aikido was developed in Japan by Morihei Ueshiba, from jujitsu. Aikido is based on traditional samurai techniques and is a defensive art, using blending, technique and the attackers own strength to overcome them. Aikido uses movement, throws, locks and holds to control an opponent. As Aikido relies on technique and timing and not on size or strength, it is suitable for all ages and men and women can train together. There is emphasis on learning how to fall safely and Aikido provides a good cardiovascular workout building strength, flexibility and co-ordination. The philosophy of Aikido is to inflict minimum harm on an opponent and to resolve conflict peacefully. Practitioners work together co-operatively to develop their technique and take turns to be either the attacker or the defender. The emphasis in this class, is on Aikido as way of traditional martial training.

Class details

Classes are held at All Saints Church Hall on Friday nights [see class times above]

All Saints Church Hall

Bamfylde Road



The Church Hall is located at the bottom of the church car park, which is off Bamfylde Road.

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Tel: 07748 631633

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